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Why it was decided about production of flying models in our company? Our company is located in Martin in areal of ZTS, from ZTS came many modellers,members of aeroclub and other fanatics of flying. Group of people working mainly in the engineering industry has a common hobby - flying in every shape.Currently, the market is flooded by throwing planes and rubber powered planes, from Asia. But these building kits don't meet our requirements for appropriate models for children. Therefore, we decided to produce models according to our ideas.

Our objectives are:

- model must flying good
- model must be safe
- model must be easy to assemble, without tools and gluing
- model must be a good looking
- model must consist of the most natural materials
- all materials and colors must be certified and safe for children
- model must be quality

Therefore, the bearing surfaces of our models are made ​​of balsa from Germany. Cabins and connecting parts are made from quality certified plastic,and by hot they are pressed by renowned Slovak producer. Fuselages from spruce wood make experienced producer from Slovakia too. We haven't forgotten the cover, which is made of unobjectionable material and meets the conditions for a safe and tasteful packaging. Certificates of materials are available on request. We started producing with simple throwing plane DUO HERY with the elevator to the "V", which allows stable flight in a simple assembly of the plane. In the development we have a model with a propeller driven by rubber beam and another - slightly larger planes.

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